What This Man Is Doing To This Poor Kitty Is Something You Have To See

There are times when animals have requested a human’s help to end their miseries. It’s true that this happens, but some people still never learn. Throwing plastic things around, polluting the lakes and rivers… for some people convenience matters more than an animal’s life. Take an example of the video you’re going to see below.

How the kitten got stuck inside a glass jar is beyond my understanding. What she lured in? Forced in? Or was she just curious and landed in there by mistake? We’ll never know. What we do know is that if she was curious, she wouldn’t have gotten stuck like this if the person, who threw the jar, capped it shut tight.
Take a look at this video

I’ happy that these men were able to rescue the poor kitty, but let this serve as a warning to others – please shut the jars tight. This kitty was lucky her rescuers were close by, other animals may not be as lucky as her. Share away, people.