What Opie The Cat Did To Save His Young Human’s Life Is Incredible!

You must have heard a million stories about dogs saving their humans from bullets, fire, theft and kidnaps, but this is probably the first time you’ll hear how a cat called Opie saved his young human’s life.

One fine day Anjelica Sniper’s three year old son was sleeping in the bedroom and Opie, their pet cat, was sleeping right beside him when a stray bullet came straight to the window. As soon as Anjelica heard the sound she came rushing into the room, but she found her son sound asleep. While the bullet was just inches away from her son, it didn’t even touch her son, instead it nearly killed her pet cat Opie.

Take a look.

The bullet entered through Opie’s head and existed through his shoulder. Angelica immediately rushed her pet to the vet and they quickly provided him medical care. They even asked her if she wanted to euthanize the cat to which she completely refused. Angelica accepted Opie just the way he was as a way to forever thank him for saving her three year old’s life  Please share this post with your friends