Street Cat Goes From Timid to Cuddly After Finding a Place to Call His Own.

A little tabby kitten was spotted living on the streets of Brooklyn. At just a few months old, the kitten was fearful of humans until he met a guy who started bringing him food.

Flatbush Cats @flatbushcats

Will from Flatbush Cats, a TNR-focused rescue group in Brooklyn, New York, found the little kitten wandering the streets without a home. He set a trap to have him neutered in December. The kitten was very feral at the time. “He didn’t show any signs of being friendly and was already a few months old, so I released him for further observation,” Will said.

After weeks of feeding, the kitten, whom they named Giorgio, started to warm up to his food provider.

“Recently, he’s warmed up to me, or rather he’s warmed up to the idea of tasty food on a regular schedule. He let me pat him for several minutes and even pick him up for a few seconds.”


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