Senior Cat Regains Mobility In Her Legs to Walk Again – She Can’t Stop Cuddling Her Rescuers.

A 13-year-old tabby cat suddenly lost mobility in her hind legs. When she arrived at an animal hospital, she was dragging her back legs, trying to move.

This affectionate feline never stopped asking for cuddles. Meet Charlie!

Charlie was brought into The Cat Doctor, a feline-focused veterinary hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in February after she suddenly lost the use of her hind legs.

“We initially thought she had a saddle thrombus (a condition in which a blood clot gets lodged at the base of the aorta and cuts off blood supply to both hindlimbs) which carries a poor prognosis,” Miriam, a vet tech of The Cat Doctor, told Love Meow.

Once they examined the tabby and ran some diagnostics, they were able to rule out an underlying cardiac disease. Her X-rays showed that she most likely has intervertebral disc disease, a serious condition where the cushioning discs between the vertebrae either bulged or burst.


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