Man Saves Blind and Deaf Kitten and Raises Her into a Beautiful Calico Cat, Now 7 Months Later.

He began to hand feed the kitten around the clock since she was too weak to eat on her own. He moved her to the litter box every few hours and stayed with her until she found her way back to her food.

Once the calico regained strength, she started to explore her new abode by sniffing around every nook and cranny, navigating with her other senses.

“She learned to navigate around the apartment more easily than I’d expected. When I first brought her in she could barely walk. The more strength she regained, the more she started exploring everywhere, even found a few favorite sleeping spots in tight spaces around the house,” Zeyad told Love Meow.

Zeyad gave Votchy a much-needed bath, and the sweet calico rubbed all over his hand as if to thank him for saving her life. [Scroll down for video]

As the kitty was nursed back to health, they noticed that she never responded when they called her name. “She didn’t seem to be startled by any loud, jarring noise even though my other cat would immediately start running away if I started the vacuum or blender,” Zeyad told Love Meow.

“She gets startled super easily if someone touches her even slightly. When I snapped my fingers really loudly right next to her ears, she would not even flinch or react in the slightest.”

That’s when they found out that Votchy is also deaf.

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