Man Has Best Job Where He Saves Cats and Kittens and Gives the “Unadoptable” a Chance at a Better Life.

This cat guy has a job that he loves – he gets to save lives of cats and kittens and help them heal with cuddles and love.

Meet Gill the cat guy!

Gill Nunes, a vet tech based in New York (originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), loves animals with a passion. He’s cared for countless cats and kittens that have come through the door at his veterinary clinics.

He provides feline patients the medical attention they need and plenty of TLC.

“As a child I’ve dreamed of becoming a Veterinarian and moving to NYC. So one day I decided it was time to drop everything and follow my dreams,” Gill told Love Meow. “I arrived at JFK Airport 17 years ago with little money and big dreams.”

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