Man Found 8 Kittens Huddled Up in an Alley During the Bitter Cold and Rushed to Save Them.

A Good Samaritan from Saskatoon heard meowing coming from the alley near his garage and was stunned by his discovery.

Eight kittens were huddled up in a box, trying to stay warm. He brought them inside his house and started looking for help.

SCAT Street Cat Rescue (in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) received a plea about the kittens on March 1st and immediately offered to take them.

“The night was very cold, minus 20 Celsius (-4F) with a high windchill as a winter blizzard was blowing in. The kittens were hypothermic and lethargic and required rewarming. As it can be dangerous to feed a hypothermia kitten, they were passively warmed for several hours,” SCAT Street Cat Rescue told Love Meow.


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