Kitten’s Eyes Glued Shut Is The Worst Case Of Animal Cruelty

Some people are just disgusting. This poor little came home one day with its eyes glued shut! Some monster in the community thought it would be fun to grab KitKat, the poor little kitty, and pour glue all over her eyes. When KitKat was found, she still had the glue dripping down her face.

Veterinarians had to perform a painful and dangerous procedure to get her eyes back open. Animal abuse is a sign of mental instability, and is a serious crime. The abuse of animals hurts more than just the cat. It is a sign of a dangerous person in the community, and people should take notice.
Take a look at this photo

Image Credit: huffingtonpost

PETA is offering a reward of £1,000 for information about this case, so please share this to help spread the word and maybe this monster will be caught and face the punishment he / she deserves. The RSPCA is also involved. Please spread the word…