Kitten Born 4 Days After Others, Never Leaves Cat Mother’s Side, Now 4 Months Later.

“The kitten was loud. She was a strong nurser…. Lizzie was a total surprise being born four days after Sparky.”

Foster Dad John made sure that Mama Shelby was comfortable and Lizzie was able to nurse off her mom. After a few rough days, Mama and her singleton finally began to thrive.

Shelby had her baby cradled in her belly, nursing, cleaning and watching over her every step of the way.

Lizzie being there gave her the comfort she needed and something to look forward to every day.

Cuddles and more cuddles!

At 15 days old, Lizzie was eating and gaining weight like a champ. She was a little small for her age according to Foster Dad John, but “her gains may be smaller but they’re steady.”

Her tiny legs were getting stronger, and when Mama Shelby called out to her, Lizzie would make a beeline to her momma and immediately went to town nursing.

Over the weeks that followed, Lizzie’s personality began to shine.

She would climb everything she could lay her paws on and play with her mama and volunteers nonstop during her waking hours.

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