Feral Cat Becomes Man’s Shoulder Kitty After Months of Him Trying to Win Her Trust

Eventually, she was trusting enough to come inside the basement while Paul was there. She no longer ran away when he sat next to her while she ate.

There was an old cat condo in the basement that Paul had planned to remove, but little Onyx decided to claim it. So it was there to stay. “It was pretty torn up but I kept it for Onyx as she loved it and it kept her in the basement longer and longer.”

The sweet kitty became more social by the day. Eventually Paul was able to pick her up, though she didn’t particularly love it. She also allowed him to cuddle with her for a minute at a time.

Paul was amazed by the progress she had made over the past few months. The feral side of her began to fade away and was replaced by something incredible.

At first, Onyx became more of an ‘outdoor-indoor’ cat and started to crave her human’s company.

“From not being able to touch her in January (2016) to full on carrying and kissing her four months later is pretty amazing,” Paul said.

Around June of 2016, Onyx decided that the outdoor life wasn’t so attractive after all because she had found love and comfort with her forever human dad.

She was very excited to see Paul every time he came home from work – to think that just six months ago he couldn’t even get closer than five feet to her.

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