Feral Cat Becomes Man’s Shoulder Kitty After Months of Him Trying to Win Her Trust

A street cat came to a man’s driveway two years ago and decided to make it her home.

The kitty named Onyx had been taken refuge between the driveway and the roof of a shed next door since she was spotted roaming around the neighborhood of New York City.

Paul the Cat Guy, an avid animal rescuer from NYC, met Onyx over two years ago. The kitty was extremely skittish with feral traits in her. “She appeared by herself out of nowhere. She was a loner, sat on the top of the neighbor’s shed and also liked to sleep inside my insulated shelter,” Paul said.

After getting her spayed, he continued to care for her, feeding her three times a day and making sure that she always had shelter and food. Though she was fearful of humans, she was very curious and would watch her caregiver from a distance while he was preparing her food.

It became their daily routine where Onxy would wait for Paul at meal time, getting ready to feast. Over the next few months, the kitty began to warm up to her caregiver and started to entertain the idea of entering the house through the street level basement.

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