Cruel Man Tortures Kitten While Friends Take Pictures (With Update)

When the condition of an animal is at risk, it’s our job to ensure that they are removed from the danger and treated for their trauma. However, on this occasion, many of the men in the picture simply stood around and watched these terrible events occur.

This took place in Germany, and no one would have had any qualms with what was going on if the men were the only ones participating. However, their actions put the life of a kitten at risk, just for a few laughs and what would make an “interesting” picture. It’s terrible that people would stand by in such a case and let this happen, but it just goes to show how heartless some people can be.
Take a look at this picture

Image Credit: yousignanimals

Please sign this petition and help to get PETA and Interpol involved in finding the identity of this man and bringing him to justice so that the life of another animal will never be at risk ever again. Please SHARE.